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Anntoinette  Glynn working in Ireland 


 Together with my husband and son we left our home in Ireland and went to live in Egypt, it was here in Luxor that we created The Flower of light holiday center, but we still have strong ties to Ireland and so when it is too hot in the summer months to work in Egypt with our workshops and tours we have decided to come home to Ireland and begin Atlantis Ireland tours, where we can experience courses and sacred journeys thoughout Ireland, as part of my courses I want people to discover tracing their heritage....I want to promote the idea that I will show them how their heritage goes all the way back to the druids, celts and egyptians....!!!  I want to take tracing your hertiage to a new level, even as far back as previous lives

Anntoinette Glynn Working in Egypt

At the Flower of Light center in Luxor Egypt, I run my Retreats and Workshops, and bring back the Ancient Mystery School Teachings to all who seek them. Together with my husband & son we have  built a beautiful center, for all who are in need of a place of peace and tranquility, an oasis for the soul.

The Flower of Light welcomes all visitors, whether you are interested in a Sacred Journey or Retreat or just in need of a peaceful space to unwind, this natural oasis of beauty is the perfect place for meditation, relaxation and the ultimate Egyptian experience. If you would like to run your own Workshop, Courses or Retreats or would like me to create your Sacred Journey or Retreat program for you, please contact me, I am looking forward to meeting you. 

If you would like to read more about the flower of light holiday & retreat center in Luxor please see our website:

In Love & Light Antoinette

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