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What are the Mystery Schools?


The name Mystery School is in itself a term which displays a hidden
meaning.  This is not unusual as all the teachings of the Mystery
Schools were built up of layer upon layer of symbolism and occult (the
term occult meaning Hidden) secrets.  The Mystery Schools are a
timeless, ageless, omni dimensional philosophical teaching, a scientific
study of the Mind.  The Hermetic Axiom “The All is in All and All is in
The All” or “God is in All and All is in God” describes the basis of the
Mystery School teachings that the Universe is Mental in nature, all is
Mind and all is created through the Power of Thought (Thoth). 

The teachings were handed down throughout the ages and civilizations through
oral tradition from Master to Initiate  very little of the teachings
were ever written down.  The information was left encoded in symbolic
representations, Sacred Geometric design of Temples, Pyramids and Sacred
Sites, myth and mythology, this knowledge reflected in the building of
the Ancient and Sacred Sites made them perfect places for learning,
initiation and astronomical observation.  The teachings of the Mystery
Schools are a scientific study into the Laws and Principals of the
Universal Mind.  The Universal Mind is also know as God or Spirit, and
we, as human beings, are a holographic image of that Universal Mind, the
microcosm and the macrocosm, “As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above” As
the seed is the tree enfolded, so is the universe God/Spirit unfolded. 
The Mystery Schools teach of the Transmutation of the consciousness of
mortal man to his natural enlightened immortal self.  The Mystery School
teachings are a navigational tool for all souls throughout all space and
time to find their way Home.  The ancient Alchemists who were also
students of the Mystery Schools, studied this Transmutation of one form
to another and displayed this principal through their experiments of
turning lead into gold.  That was only an outward display, another form
of symbolic representation, the true meaning behind the experiments of
the Alchemists was the Transmutation of Consciousness from unenlightened
to enlightened Man (Ascension).  Much of the ancient information of the
Mystery Schools are now being confirmed by recent scientific finding,
especially in the field of Quantum Physics.

The Pantheon of Gods, which included Thoth, Isis, Osiris, Ptah, Ra, Su,
Geb, Set  were said to have come to Egypt in Zep Tepi or The First Time.Thoth was known as the God of Wisdom, Magic, Alchemy and The Arts in
Ancient Egypt and was also known as Hermes Trismegistus “Hermes the
Thrice Great” The Winged Messenger of the Gods, in Ancient Greece.  It
is said of Thoth that he brought humanity into manifestation through
“Language and Maths”  The time before Zep Tepi is know in mythology as
Atlantis and before that Lemuria, the time before the Great Flood.  This
is where the Gods of Egypt are said to have come from.  Creationist
stories encoded in myth and mythology from all over the Ancient World
speak of the Great Flood and the Gods that arrived after to teach the
Wisdom of the Ages to humanity.  Its is said that these Gods move from
reality to reality creating the programs for souls to experience.   The
term Zep, Zipper refers of a closing and opening, gateway, holes in time
and space, a zero point, the ending of one and beginning of another, a
Golden Age  It is said that the Gods moved through this Zero Point, Zep
Tepi where matter and anti matter merge, and there they create New
Realities  In our measurement of time Zep Tepi refers to a time about
13,000 years ago approx. 10,500B.C  The Ancient Scientists/Priests of
the Mystery Schools were measuring an astronomical cycle know to us
today as the Precession of the Equinoxes or The Great Year.  The term
Zep Tepi and the time frame of 13,000 years measures half a processional
cycle, a full cycle being 26,000 years approx..  The Ancient
Scientist/Astrologer/Priests of the Mystery Schools measured the rise
and fall of the Consciousness of humanity against the backdrop of this
processional cycle.  The Giza Plateau with its Sphinx and Pyramids
serves as a huge astronomical observatory to measure the 26,000 year
long processional cycle.  All the ancient stone structures were used as
astronomical observatories and symbolic representations of the raising
of consciousness up through the creative spiral of soul evolution.
The Ancient Mystery School Priests considered the Nile to be a
terrestrial representation of the celestial Milky Way, they also
compared the Nile to the Spine or Backbone of the Human body.  Having
full knowledge of the Chakra system of the body, they built their
temples along the Nile, stretching from Aswan to Saquara as
representations of the Chakras of the body running up along the Spine
from base to crown.  The Mystery School Initiates raised their
consciousness from their base Chakra, studying and being initiated in
the corresponding temples along the Nile.  The Chakras are gateways that
open up our energy flow with The Cosmos and our Body of Light.  Each
Chakra has energies that relate to our growth, these energies can be
expressed either negatively or positively, shut down from trauma or open
due to peace and tranquility.  The journey of the Mystery School
Initiate is the journey of moving beyond the illusion of density and
becoming the Whole.  As the Initiate moves through and activates the
Chakras, the Chakra spins and becomes a radiant ball of light which
allows the Kundalini to flow through us fully, so we are fully in our
life energy, unlimited, our Body of Light and being the Creators that we
are. In this way the Initiate raised their Consciousness through the
various Chakras and Kundalini energy flowed and connected base to crown,
from unenlightened to enlightened, from mortal to immortal.  The Mystery
Schools are a body of teaching revealing the Secrets of the Universe and
the Self and when properly understood leads us to ever increasing
Freedom and Joy, expansion of Awareness and the knowledge of our
Immortal, Omni dimensional, Eternal Cosmic Self.

The Ancient Pyramid and Temple builders erected their structures across
not only Egypt but the whole Planet, these Ancient Structures can be
seen to reflect Star Constellations on the ground. The three Pyramids at
Giza reflect the three stars in Orion's Belt and the Orion Stars
orientation to the Milky Way was as to the three Pyramids orientation to
the Nile but only having a perfect match in the time frame dating 13,000
years ago approx. 10,500 B.C or Zep Tepi. 
There exists an ancient body of writing found in the Egyptian city of Alexandria in the early Christian era in which it talks about the Sky/Ground connection linked in numerous ways to the issue of the resurrection and immortality of the soul (see Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval-The Message of the Sphinx)
These writings the “HermeticTexts” were believed to have been the work of theancient Egyptian wisdom God know as Thoth, who in one passage makes the following remarks to his disciple Asclepius “Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of Heaven?  In Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in Heaven have been transferred down to Earth below?”  In the Hermetic view, the purpose of harnessing these Powers was to facilitate the Initiates quest for Immortality.We are now moving into a new Zep Tepi, Gateway, a new Golden Age.  It is said that the Teachings and Wisdom of the Ancient Gods would be returnedto, and remembered by, Humanity at this time.  This is the time of an
awakening Consciousness, a window of opportunity for all souls to Ascend to a new sate of Being, Enlightened, Eternal, Omni dimensional, Cosmic Man.  A time to manifest and realize our Heaven on Earth  All souls are called for Initiation and all souls Know when they are being called!


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